Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lustful Lord

Additional Info

Title: Tokugawa Sex Ban: Lustful Lord
Release date: 1972
Genre: Erotic Drama
Country: Japan
Director: Noribumi Suzuki
Starring: Audrey Cruise, Ryôko Ema, Kaya Hodumi, Emi Jo, Sandra Julien, Utako Kyô, Yôko Mihara, Ryôta Minowada, Kinji Nakamura, Tadashi Naruse, Hiroshi Nawa, Hachirô Oka, Miwako Onaya, Keisuke Ootori, Miki Sugimoto
Language: Japanese (English subtitles)
Length: 91 minutes
IMDb erotic movie ID: tt0178067

Kiyohime, a daughter of Tokugawa Ienari is married-off to Tadateru Ogura, the lord of a Kyushu clan. However, the lord's sexual inexperience and Kiyohime's strict morals lead to significant crisis in their marriage. To improve his sexual prowess, the lord is introduced to Sandra, a French woman held captive by usurer-smuggler Hatakaya. This results in the lord's choosing Sandra as his mistress. Kiyohime's attendants see this move as an insult and have Sandra beaten and imprisoned. Nevertheless, Sandra escapes with the help of Morita, a retainer of the lord. Out of bitterness and as some sort of revenge, the lord imposes a sex ban on his subjects.